Mullein Torch | Hag Taper | Winter Candle

Mullein Torch | Hag Taper | Winter Candle

Mullein Hag Torch | Witch’s Torch - What is it?

mullein stalks dipped in beeswax on a black table

For millennia, homemakers and families dipped dried mullein stalks in beeswax to create the first forms of tapered candles. The dried mullein acts as a wick, and the beeswax lasts hours, making this candle perfect for rituals under the moon.

mullein stalks dipped in beeswax on a black table

Known by many names, Mullein Torch, Hags Taper, Witches Candle, Jupiters Rod, King’s Candle, Torches, Candlewick Plant- these candles are beautiful when dipped in beeswax and rolled in other herbs to add intention and scent.

The mullein stalks used in the mullein torches sold on High Witchery dot com are harvested myself from the Yosemite Mountains in Tuolumne County California. I harvested these in early August and were left to dry upside down in the sun for several months. These are normally harvested and used in the winter, when the mullein stalks are dried on the plant itself, but as long as the stalks have dried completely, harvesting them this early is perfectly fine,

closeup lighting a hag torch with a lighter flame

To light your candle, choose an end to be the bottom, which will go in a glass bottle or vase to hold while it burns. Then, pinch some wax off the top to expose the mullein wick. Light and allow the flame to get to size before starting your rituals.

You can DIY your own hag torch by repeatedly dipping the stalk in beeswax until it reaches the desired thickness. Allow to cool for 48 hours before using. 

You can also support small business and this latina herbalist by purchasing your hag torch from our website! Thank you for your support.

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