Mugwort- Artemisia Vulgaris

Mugwort- Artemisia Vulgaris

shoots of artemisia vulgaris leaves

     Mugwort-Artemisia Vulgaris

    Mugwort is in the asteraceae family- just like daisies and small wildflowers very common here in California. I may be a nerd, but I get absolutely ecstatic to learn new herbs within the asteraceae family!

    Mugwort is also known as felon herb, wild wormwood, old Uncle Henry, sailor’s tobacco, and naughty man. It is an ancient herb that has been loved both for culinary purposes and medicinal purposes. Let's talk about mugwort's medicinal properties!

    Young mugwort used to be used in flavoring beers and ales before hops were widely used. The Ukrainian word for mugwort is chernobyl and the same city is named for the beautiful plants that cover Chernobyl's hills.

   In nepal and indian countries that study and practice ayurveda, mugwort is smoked and prepared as a tea to induce lucid dreaming.

    Mugwort is feminine and referred to as “mother”- in chinese medicine, mugwort would be cooling or “yin” energy

     Properties of mugwort:

-anticancer (kills cancerous cells)

-anti-inflammatory(reduces inflammation)

-antioxidant (inhibits oxidation, a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals that leads to the breakdown of organic molecules)

-hepatoprotective (protects from damage to the liver)

-antispasmolytic (muscle relaxer)

-antinociceptive (helps the body’s sensory system properly identify outside stimuli)

-antibacterial (kills bacteria and repels bacteria)

-antihypertensive (prevents high blood pressure)

-antihyperlipidemic (cholesterol and lipid lowering agents)

-antifungal (treats and prevents fungal infections)

     Spiritual Energetics: Cooling and Drying

     Mugwort is associated with the element of earth and the planet venus, It is also associated with the astrology sign taurus. 

     Mugwort is known to aid in supporting psychic abilities and lucid dreams as well as astral projecting.

NOTE: DO NOT USE during pregnancy; do not use at high doses or for long term uses. The chemical called thujone can be toxic in large amounts, which may cause a miscarriage by starting a menstruation.

lizz reyes, ceo of high witchery, smiles wide while holding a bunch of artemisia vulgaris

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