Mission and Vision


I see a world where more women and people are embracing their dark feminine nature, where they alchemize energy to help grow and learn the ways of Mother Nature. I see my products being minimalist in ingredients but maximalist in design and branding, hitting store shelves with small batches to create a get-it-while-you-can approach. Social media will showcase how to create products for yourself, website will host a blog for recipes, as well as selling my more niche products. Storefronts will carry my “beginner” items as well as gift sets.

Mission and Purpose

My products aim to create a more mindful lifestyle and to bring awareness to the vast amount of “extra” chemicals there are in over processed products, down to every day cleaning ingredients. Though these products can be made at home, my clients are still working 9-5 to survive in this capitalist world. But they’re taking baby steps to a more alternative lifestyle- that’s where my products come in. My products, with their availability throughout CA along with straight-to-your-door delivery, provide ease and access to everyone and anyone wanting to take healthier, more mindful approaches to their carbon footprint.

excel spreadsheet screenshot of the items i currently offer